JALANA welcomes the Inter-Korean and US-DPRK Summits.
(16 April 2018)
Protest against the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review
(March 22, 2018)
We Strongly Protest against the Nuclear Posture Review by the Trump Administration and Demand its Withdrawal!
Kyoto Society of Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Sufferers Organization / Kyoto Association of the 2nd and 3rd Generation of Atomic Bomb Sufferers (February 8, 2018)
IALANA Statement Regarding the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on the Occasion of its Opening for Signature on 20 September 2017
IALANA Welcomes the Award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons@iOctober 6, 2017j
JALANA welcomes the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons@iJuly 11, 2017j
Selected Elements of a Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons
iMarch 28, 2017j
This paper was submitted to the United Nations conference to negotiate a
legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination
IALANA Discussion PaperF Selected Elements of a Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons
(March 24,2017)
Protest Statement against the ICJ Decisions to Dismiss Claims by the Marshall Islands (October 19, 2016)
JALANA's Comment on the US Nuclear Policy Change and Japanese Government's Reaction iAugust 2, 2016)
JALANA Report to the 2016 IALANA General Assembly iApril 2016j
Requests for President Barack Obama (May 23, 2016)
Open Letter from IALANA Co-presidents to US President B. Obama (May 3, 2016)
Legal Gap or Compliance Gap? (October 2015)
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John Burroughs / Peter Weiss
Letter to the former RMI Foreign Minister Tony de Brum (March 1, 2016)
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Japanese Lawyers’ Recommendations for the 2015 NPT Review Conference (April / May 2015)
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(1) To My American Friends@@Takeya Sasaki
(2) Striving Toward Nuclear Disarmament, and the Humanitarian Approach@@Toshinori Yamada
(3) <Column 1> Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and the UN Declaration on the Right to Peace@@Jun Sasamoto
(4) The Historical Significance of the Shimoda Case Judgment, in View of the Evolution of International Humanitarian Law@@Yoshiro Matsui
(5) <Column 2> Steps Toward the Enactment of an Anti-Nuclear Weapons Law@@Kazue Mori
(6) The Impossibility of Responding to Nuclear Weapons Use, and the No More Hibakusha Lawsuits@@Masayoshi Naito
(7) <Column 3> What the Next Generation Can Do to Abolish Nuclear Weapons@@Yui Kayano
(8) For a World Without Nuclear Arms Or Nuclear Energy: A Discussion Including Judicial Precedents from Japan@@Kenichi Okubo
Letter to the Ambassador of Russia in Germany (March 23, 2015)
IALANA Germany
Nuclear Disarmament: The Road AheadiApril 2015j
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International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Securing Our Survival (SOS): The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention
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Principal authors: Merav Datan, Felicity Hill, Jurgen Scheffran, Alyn Ware
Statement in Support of the Marshall Islands' Cases against Nuclear Weapon States in the International Court of Justice
Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Issues raised during the “Human Beings Cannot Coexist with Nuclear Energy or Weapons” session in the “Second Nationwide Research and Exchange Conference in Fukushima on Nuclear Power and Human Rights”(Fukushima, April 2014)
Kenichi Ohkubo
Statement adopted at the Memorial Symposium for the 50th anniversary of the Shimoda Case (Tokyo, December 8, 2013)
“Marking the 50th anniversary of the Shimoda Case (Atomic Bomb Trial against the State of Japan), Statement on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons Use and the Illegality of Atomic Bombing”
Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Protest against Japanese Government, which refused to sign the “Joint Statement on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons”@delivered at the Second Preparatory Committee for the 2015 NPT Review Conference in Geneva on April 24, 2013
Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Recommendations for the Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (Oslo, Norway, March 2013)
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(1) Recommendations for the Oslo Conference to Confirm the inhumanity of Nuclear Weapons@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
(2) The Activities of the Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (JALANA) - As a Lawyer Fighting Alongside the Hibakusha-@@Takeya@Sasaki
(3) An appeal from Japan, as a victim of nuclear war, to save humanity from nuclear destruction:Using the Japanese Constitution to build a world free from war@@Masanori@Ikeda
(4) The Trials for Recognition of A-Bomb Injuries and the Feelings of Hibakusha@@Masayoshi@Naito
(5) The Ultimate Conclusion of the Shimoda Case Verdict and its Contemporary Significance@@Yasuhisa@Ogura
(6) Emerging Rights to the Reparation of Hibakusha and Nuclear Disarmament@@Toshinori@Yamada
(7) No More Hibakusha For a nuclear-free world@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
See IALANA News April 2013
Statement: Japan's New Hibakusha and the Collapse of the Nuclear Power "Safety Myth"- Position Paper of the Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (March 17, 2011)
Recommendations and reports to the 2010 mos Review Conference
  (1) Toward a "World Free of Nuclear Weapons": Recommendation of Japanese Lawyers to the 2010 NPT Review Conference@@Japan Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
(2) To Realize a World Without Nuclear Weapons, Let's Identify the Ideas and People Who Hinder Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Fight Them, and Win@@Masanori@Ikeda
(3) Lawyers Fighting Alongside the Hibakusha@@Takeya Sasaki
(4) Hibakusha Support by Lawyers in Nagasaki, an Atomic-Bombed City: A Report for the NPT Review Conference@@Naotatsu Nakamura
(5) NPT 2010 Review Conference Report  Facts Revealed by Joint Suits for Certification of Atomic Bomb Sickness@@Tetsuro Miyahara
(6) Nuclear Weapons Seen from the Perspective of the Damage Caused by the Atomic@ Bombings: A Proposal for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons@@Masayoshi Naito
(7) Initiatives in Japan Aimed at Making a Nuclear Weapons Convention a Reality@@Toshinori Yamada
(8) On the Secret Nuclear Agreements@@Masanobu Inoue
(9) How Should We Come to Terms with "North Korea"?  The Quest for a Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
(10) Lobbying the International Commission on Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament@@Masayoshi Naito
(11) The Globalization of Article 9, and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons@@Jun Sasamoto
Reports to the International Seminar “Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, War and Armed Forces” (San Jose, Costa Rica, January 2008)
  (1) Greetings on Behalf of the Japanese Delegation@@Masanori Ikeda
(2) Message to the International Seminar for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and for the Establishment of Peace@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
(3) US Nuclear Policy and Japan Under the Nuclear Umbrella@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
(4) Legal Framework for a “World Without Nuclear Weapons”@ Let's Make a Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty@@Kenichi@Ohkubo
(5) The Mental Trauma Experienced by the Hibakusha@@Masao@Nakazawa
(6) For a New Trial on the Atomic Bombings: Possibilities for and Difficulties of Judicial Remedies in U.S. Courts@@Toshinori Yamada
(7) Inter-American Commission of Human Rights  -Feasibility Study of Atomic Bombing Case-@@Lilian M. Yamamoto